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    Accessory - Security - SafElert Safe Monitor

    Experience ultimate peace of mind even when you're away with SafElert, an advanced safe accessory from Liberty Safe. This innovative device lets you remotely monitor your Liberty safe's status from your smartphone or tablet. SafElert's intelligent technology keeps a vigilant eye on key parameters - movement, vibration, door activity, temperature, and humidity, ensuring your valuables are always protected and in prime condition.

    Whether you have a Centurion, Liberty Home Safe, or even a Presidential, SafElert is compatible with any safe model. It easily connects to your Wi-Fi network and operates via the Liberty app, available on both iOS and Android platforms. With a simple setup process, safeguarding your assets has never been easier or more convenient.

    Stay informed with real-time alerts for: temperature fluctuations beyond set points, humidity levels outside the acceptable range, laser-detected safe door openings, and vibrations indicating potential break-in attempts. Trust SafElert by Liberty Safe for unmatched security and effortless monitoring of your precious belongings.

    Already have a SafElert? Get the app at the link below.

    * SafElert runs on AA batteries, and should last 6-8 months under normal usage.


    3.88 X 2.56 X 0.75 INCHES

    Device Specs:
    • Wi-Fi Connectivity
    • Light Sensor
    • Vibration Sensor
    • Battery Power
    • Liberty App for IOS or Android
    • Wi-Fi Internet Connection (802.11 B/G/N 2.4GHZ)
    In The Box:
    • SafElert
    • 2 Wi-Fi Antennas (6 IN & 72 IN)
    • 3 AA Batteries
    • Mounting Velcro
    • Mounting Hardware