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    Accessory - Rechargeable Dehumidifier

    Protect your guns, ammo, and other valuables in your safe from the damaging effects of moisture with Liberty Safe's renewable dehumidifier. This 100% renewable, 100% wireless dehumidifier requires no power to operate. It's filled with water glass technology crystals that have a much higher absorption rate than traditional, soluble humidity-absorbing products. Best of all it is eco-friendly, non-toxic, child, and pet-safe.

    Place the rechargeable dehumidifier in your safe and let the silica gel crystals silently absorb the moisture in your safe. Once the dehumidifier is full of the collected moisture, the crystals in the indicator window will turn pink. Take the dehumidifier out of the safe and fold down the plug on the back of the unit and plug it in any electrical outlet for 8-10 hrs. The silica gel dehumidifier will renew itself and dry out the moisture. When the crystals turn blue you know it's good to use again.

    • Simply plug in until the crystals turn blue.
    • Includes charging cable and hanger hook.
    • Removes up to 100ml of moisture per charge.
    • Protects firearms and valuables from moisture.
    • Use in your Liberty safe, drawer, vehicle, and more.